A fresh start for NHS electronic records – it’s time for VistA

VistA is an open-source electronic health record system developed by doctors working for the U.S. Department for Veterans’ Affairs, or VA. We think the NHS should use VistA.

What’s special about VistA?

  1. Clinically-led –  the entire system was written by VA doctors and developers and is continually improved by them
  2. Evidence-based – VistA transformed the VA into arguably the best health care system in the world
  3. Low cost – being open-source software, the entire VistA system can be downloaded, used and adapted by anyone, anywhere, free of charge

Video introduction to VistA

Now, health care systems in other countries such as Jordan are using VistA as an ultra-high quality but very low-cost IT system for running their health and social care services.

Explore the 10 reasons why the time is right for the NHS to start using VistA, let us debunk some common myths about VistA, and learn how patients control their VistA record.

Read our 8-step proposal to spread VistA organically across the health service, based on a standard gold version of VistA for the NHS.

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